Interesting shoe designs in the conventional shoe shape


Sandals with Assymetrical shoe design

I like experimenting with new shapes and designs while designing shoes. This experimentation allows for the creation of unique and interesting shoe designs that deviate from the typical, conventional shoe shape. As an example, I used circles of soft leather in the making of these shoes.

Cloesed shoes with circled folds design
Yellow Cloesed shoes with circled folds design

These circular shapes add an ornamental quality to the shoe design that sets it apart from other shoes.  By incorporating new shapes and designs into my work, I am able to push the boundaries of traditional shoe design and create something truly unique. This type of experimentation allows for endless creative possibilities and helps to keep the shoe design process fresh and exciting.

Beige sandals with ankle design ellemnt
Side view of Beige sandals with ankle design ellemnt

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