Who I am 

I can't stop daydreaming about creation since I love it so much. Ideas occur to me everywhere; I see silhouettes and forms in the crevices of walls, carpet patterns, and even in the garbage.

I am a custom luxury footwear designer and creator.

I obtained experience by mastering this craft in Italy and worked as a shoe designer in various companies in Italy and Israel throughout the years.
In 2008 I launched my own brand "Sveta Kletina" of luxury footwear for women.

I'm an educator, in 2013 I established Shoemaking Classes Online to teach people all over the world how to create their own shoes like professionals, online.

My main goal in making footwear is to demonstrate that it is more than just a fashion item, but also a self-contained cultural phenomenon through which I express my creativity. As a result of this different concept to footwear, I developed a number of sculptural functional shoe lines before transitioning to crafting sculptures.

After two decades as a shoe designer, I returned to my origins, to the making of sculptures, where my career as a creative began. My ambition is to create sculptures that allow me to fully explore my passion for leather work, and footwear, blending different materials, creating textures, and expressing ideas through forms.

I aim to tell a story behind each work that may evoke different emotions and sensations because I feel that only emotions can provide us with a genuine comprehension of this world and ourselves. Sculptures are my channel for creativity and self-expression, and I want you to join me on this trip.

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