Emotional sculptures


Emotional scupture that shows the cracked relashionship betwean couple

I have always been intrigued by the idea of capturing a moment of intense emotional connection between people. Is it feasible to portray the powerful emotions experienced in relationships, be it between couples or friends, through sculptures or objects? Can anger, fear or desperation be effectively conveyed?

The possibilities seem limitless, as I can explore various shapes, materials, and contexts within the fascinating realm of footwear. What truly matters to me is accurately expressing these emotions with utmost precision, enabling the viewer to empathize with and sense the emotions just as intensely as I do.

For example, how I can show this state of relationship where one person completely lies on the shoulders of another, without any personal initiative, and is completely led by the other?

This is a situation in human relationships I encounter a lot, when one takes all responsibility for everything and the other just follows behind.

Drawing of emotinal sculpture where one takes all responsibily on his shoulders
Emotioanal sculpture that shows this state of relationship where one person completely lies on the shoulders of another

This is only one of the possible ways to explore it and I will continue thinking about this type of relationship.

The next example, of what I am thinking about is the situation where one or both partners think that they are stuck in their relationship. You can see here below my drawing of this emotional sculpture and my attempt to display it in one of the possible materials that could emphasize this emotional statement even more- concrete. Also, I think that a combination of thick vegetable tanned leather together with concrete could be another possibility.

Scatch of emotianl sculpture that shows stuck relashionship betwean people
emotianl sculpture in concrete

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